After many years in dim lit edit rooms, standing behind cameras and microphones, hiding in the shadows, watching presenters, actors and voice artists, I made a crazy decision that it was now my turn to step into the limelight. And so, I was introduced to Karin, by an associate, for to take any steps out of my comfort zone meant, I needed an exceptional coach I could put my faith in. And that wasn’t all… I had a unique disposition… I lived 5600km away in Dubai. Skype became our classroom, and it worked, not because of the technology, but because of Karin’s methods. Within a short time, I was receiving positive, unsolicited feedback at both professional and social engagements. Karin puts you at ease making the difficult, simple, and stepping out of that comfort zone, comfortable. For acting, presenting or any other means, I strongly recommend Karin to anyone that wants to realise their potential in using their voice.

Keith Dallison - Voice Arist

Keith Dallinson Voice artist /model

I came to Karin, initially, with the focus on improving my self confidence and vocal quality, both of which I lacked severely and found myself stuck in a place of despair.

A few months into regular sessions together, my confidence and clarity/understanding of my own voice had grown immensely, so as to the point of me applying for drama schools and I soon found myself going up for castings within the industry. 

Eventually I found myself moving to London where I now study at Acting full time. 

Working with Karin changed my life, that may sound dramatic but without her guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Period. I say that with full confidence to anyone reading this testimonial. 

Her teaching is clear, tailored and relevant and a the same time fun. The energy and passion Karin has is inspiring and engaging.

The friendship and trust we have built over the years of working together and still have now is invaluable. If you are looking for coaching - look no further.

Jacob Meadows - Actor

Jo Richards.0119.jpg

'Karin's acting and voice coaching have been revolutionary in how I approach my acting auditions, even the clarity and diction in my speech has changed for the better, which has done wonders in my communication in my corporate work of pitching and public speaking in which I was asked to host a Ted Talk. I would recommend karin's way of teaching if your and actor or if you work in an occupation where public speaking is a must. 

Natalie Edwards Yesufu - Actor/Producer

Natalie Edwards Yusufu Actor producer

Karin is just brilliant at bringing the best out of actors. With a number of methods and techniques Karin applies and teaches an approach to unlocking pieces that works for you. In addition to this, Karin is fantastic at helping you realise your unique potential in an industry that requires you to have that something different and special. She is really friendly, honest and direct, a winning formula for an acting coach. Notwithstanding this she has experience of the industry and a lot of useful knowledge and advice to give from that perspective as well! 

Alexander Mushore - Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 

Going to Karin for acting coaching was one of the best decisions I have made as a performer, she has such an adaptive approach to teaching, helping me pin point my strengths and weaknesses and giving me the tools to constantly improve myself and my work.

Joshua Ratcliffe - Actor

Joshua King Ratcliffe Actor

"Karin has had a massive, positive impact in my acting, I originally came to Karin to help me with audition techniques and vocal training and what I've learnt I will never forget. Since then I have had success in auditions and have been recently cast in large role in a new feature film. She has helped me gain a new 

confidence in my acting, not afraid to seek new work and different challenges."


Richard Lee O’Donnell - Actor /Writer/Producer

Richard Lee O'donnell Actor Writer Producer

“I went to Karin for two sessions and it really helped me get into the right mind set and understanding for my Drama School auditions, I have now been offered a place on on the 3 year course at BSA. I would definitely recommend Karin for people wanting to start their Drama School journey”


James Edge - BSA

James Edge Actor Singer

“With her brilliantly effective methods that understand exactly how actors work, Karin has helped to change the way I think about acting. Her on set coaching during my Showreel shoot was invaluable and I cant wait to work with her again! “


Chan Shoker - Actor

Chan Shoker Actor
Workshop testimonials

Actors Workshops


Karin has a wonderful warm spirit and a natural ability to use her authenticity and powerful energy to instill technique and draw out the truth of the character. She is fabulous at what she does and I would definitely, highly recommend working with her. Thank you Karin ❤  

Michele Olivia - Actor

I just did the Lifting Script's and the Audition workshop and I couldn't recommend them more! I learned a great technique to perform a scene truthfully and genuinely, and how to give the best I can at an audition, and I can't wait to walk into an audition room and show them what I've got! 

Carolina Domínguez - Actor

I have just completed two fantastic workshops with Karin. Lifting Script - Finding the Truth in Text was a deliciously intense experience which involved really listening to other actors ,trusting yourself and exploring many ways of playing the same part. How To Nail That Audition was full of great advice on how to enter the audition room and hold and use it to your advantage. A real confidence builder.

Keith Vickers - Actor

Script to Self-Tape workshops -


"A cracking day to learn and improve. To the point, with teaching in a friendly way, that was given from actor to fellow actor. Gave me confidence in self taping and pointed out the pit falls and positive direction you can go. My brain is throbbing with input. Well worth it!"

Max Sinclair - Actor

"Completely amazing day with Karin & Louise learning how to self-tape & lifting script really AMAZING. Thanks so much you two lovely ladies. I really got a lot out of the day and think the interaction with the other students as well as you two crazy chicks was a real boost to me talking in what you’ve both been drilling into me this last few years. I could see in watching back the scene exactly what I’m doing wrong. I’m going to knuckle down now get myself sorted."

Tim Parker - Actor


"A wonderful day, Louise & Karin make the ‘perfect’ team!  I have learnt so many things that I will be taking with me and putting into practice. For someone who can get nervous this workshop has been so beneficial, for being thrown in the deep end - with love!"

Bethany Grace Milner- Actress


"Fantastic Class from Louise & Karin. Fun, informative, brilliant tips on learning a script quickly, I really feel I can go away and self-tape confidently . Also great feedback and advice. - Will definitely see you on another course!"

Becky Easen - Actress


"Karin & Louise's ‘Script to Self-Tape’ Workshop is instantly useful, I came away with choices, not just one way of working but several that work great for TV, Stage and Commercials."

Melissa Chapin - Actress/VO

"Excellent Coaching, great fun and so much good stuff to take away, Thank you!"

David Brookes - Actor


Acting & Voice Workshops

"Karin’s acting and voice workshop had a good pace and was taught enthusiastically. She has presented an innovative method of lifting the text from page which I found amazing. Having lived in England for 6 years, I have struggled with some sounds’ pronunciation. Karin gave me the right foundation and exercises to continue to build and develop my diction and pronunciation. I recommend Karin’s workshops to all actors who are interested in learning the lines quicker than they do now and to all non-native English people who want to be more effective in their communication.”

Cristina Neacsu - Actress


"Thoroughly enjoyed @karinheslop Voice and cold reading class

Met some fantastic creatives doing great things in Birmingham at all levels, I would advise anyone who does any form of public speaking, acting, presentations to sign up to this course -"

Natalie Yesufu Edwards - Actress/Producer @transitionstagecompany

I attended the Voice & Acting workshop run by Karin Heslop on Saturday 12th May 2018.

I found the entire day to be, not only thoroughly enjoyable, but also very informative and a great learning experience. Techniques to enable learning lines with ease will serve me well in my acting career. I found this particularly useful as I am dyslexic and find learning lines to be a challenge and time consuming.

Haqi Ali - Actor

As someone relatively new to acting, Karin’s workshop is a great learning tool and confidence boost. Her great tips for learning lines and lifting script have made a massive difference, along with her simple ideas for calming those casting nerves. I was also in a great group of more experienced actors so I was fortunate to be able to work with, and learn from, them as well. I would definitely recommend for actors looking to improve  hands on practical techniques that will help you in every aspect of acting and day to day life.

Katie Isles - Model/Presenter

I have been very fortunate to work with Karin on several different projects and have also benefited as a student from her many years as an outstanding speech and drama coach.

The 1:1 coaching that I received from Karin as a fledgling actor gave me the confidence to expand my vocal range and the desire to continuously develop my skills as an actor.  Karin is dynamic and incredibly kind bringing the best out of you as an actor and as a person.

Jo Richards - Actor/Producer

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